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Since 1977, Arco International has satisfied customers all over Pakistan with a diversified portfolio of Industrial products and services, ranging from manufacturing of Cooling Towers under the brand name of CoolCat and Plate Type Heat Exchangers. Working out of ARCO headquarters in Rawaplindi branch office in Lahore and more then 3 acre factory at Rawat, Arco now has a nationwide service network that continues to guard its reputation consistently by promising what it delivers.

Wide range of fiberglass CoolCat Cooling Towers in bottle, rectangular and square shape are available for a wide range of applications. Today much emphasis is on space saving in compact design, time saving in the installation work and minimum maintenance at a high performance and quality. We produce CoolCat Cooling Towers to meet your specific requirement. Our quality of material, design and performance is according to International standards.

Arco International is also manufacturing PU sandwich Panels for walk in cold storages, Refrigerated Halls, Refrigerated vehicles and other thermal insulation purposes. High pressure computerized PU injection machines and press are being used for this purpose.


The Arco International factory at Rawat (15 kilometers from Islamabad-Lahore highway) is approximately a 3 acre facility that encapsulates a number of manufacturing and fabrication processes. A well-organized and ISO 9001 : 2000 certified factory has to live up to its name, and the facility has therefore a team of engineers and researchers make sure there is constant improvement in products as well as their manufacturing processes. The facility is well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and efficiency measures are well in-place to make sure deliveries are timely and of flawless quality.

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